Stop being scared about the world: watch this for 7 minutes.

It’s true that the world can be a scary place sometimes. Politics. Money. Relationships. And – apparently – clowns.

Despite what you read in the papers at the moment, real clowns are not scary. A clown is not an idiot in a mask with too much time on their hands. Real clowns make light of the difficulties that we face daily, showing us that it’s normal to struggle and allowing us to feel less alone. They tell us what it is to be human.

But today I discovered that great clowns do not need to be human themselves. Watch this video and feel happy again:




Main photo by kkimpel

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Author: Jack Stark

Jack is a full time professional idiot from London, UK. Trained in mime and clown, he performs around the world in cabaret, variety and theatre projects, primarily as his alter ego Kiki Lovechild. He loves what he does.

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